Advanced energy storage systems are developed utilising the latest in nanotechnology and advanced nanomaterials to deliver superior performance.

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About Us

EQONIC is a trademark of Eqonic Group Limited, a British technology company focussed on delivering transformative energy storage technologies to help the world transition towards a zero emissions future.


To deliver next generation energy focussed innovations, incubated by EQONIC in collaboration with leading universities.


Our smart business models and innovations deliver market leading products and energy storage applications for residential and commercial properties, electric vehicles, portable power, industrial and infrastructure sectors.

The Energy Storage Systems (ESS) from EQONIC for residential properties, provide a smart step towards energy independence through high-tech batteries which store power from renewable sources for when you need it.

EQONIC Energy Storage Systems (ESS) for commercial properties offers the most advanced green energy options which are as relevant today as they will be in the future. EQONIC batteries let you store electricity from renewable sources for use when you really need it.

EQONIC offers advanced batteries with superior performance and high levels of safety and stability for telecom base stations. By using the EQONIC range, you can enjoy the benefits of lower total cost of ownership, greater environmental friendliness, lower maintenance, and much more.

EQONIC e-mobility battery packs offer state-of-the-art systems for a variety of vehicles providing high levels of safety, reliability and performance powered by advanced lithium-ion technology. Our core strength is to tailor our solutions to meet requirements agreed with our clients.

EQONIC Portable ePower Stations are designed to high standards utilising advanced battery technologies to provide high-end energy solutions which are easy to use ‘plug-and-play’. Suitable for commercial and leisure use.

The megawatt containerised Energy Storage Systems (ESS) from EQONIC offer advanced power supply with superior performance, high levels of safety and stability, and invaluable flexibility. Suitable for large commercial and industrial applications.

EQONIC can help you lower your electricity bills by providing advanced energy generation options which include turbines and solar power for your home or business. We supply a wide range of products including high spec solar panels, latest lightweight panels, integrated panels, solar roof tiles and turbines to suit a wide range of applications.

One of the strengths of EQONIC is our capability of working with clients to design and develop a bespoke service for battery packs and energy storage systems (ESS) to suit their specified needs.

Battery Packs and Energy Storage Systems

We offer a wide range battery packs and energy storage systems for all kinds of applications which include:

  • Residential Properties
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Commercial Properties
  • Electric Bikes
  • Industrial Infrastructure
  • Electric Planes and Drones
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply
  • Electric Wheelchairs
  • Telecoms Infrastructure
  • Golf Carts
  • Electric Tools
  • Fork Lift Trucks

We pride ourselves on providing high-energy density, fast-charging, next-generation batteries to meet customers’ requirements, backed up by great after-sales support. Bespoke design and build service available for special projects.