One of the strengths of EQONIC is our capability of working with clients to design and develop a bespoke service for battery packs and energy storage systems (ESS) to suit their specified needs.

Bespoke design and development

Customised packs
For example, in electric vehicles we can customise the battery pack, taking into consideration details such as voltage, capacity, cell type and available space, to suit your requirements and the operating conditions the vehicle will encounter.

Home use
In the home, our ESS offer a wide range of specifications to suit your budget and energy requirements, and we can design systems beyond our standard offering as a bespoke product if you need something greater.

Commercial use
Our ESS offers flexibility and scalability to suit the energy requirements of your business premises. We provide a modular system which can be scaled up as the energy requirements of your business change. Our range starts at 10kWh and can be scaled to over 500kWh.

Containerised ESS
Our containerised ESS can vary from just a single 1 MW unit to several capable of storing many megawatts of energy.

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