Portable ePower Stations

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Portable ePower Stations

EQONIC Portable ePower Stations serve a broad spectrum of indoor and outdoor uses from powering electric tools to providing power for leisure activities. To replace fossil fuel generators, the EQONIC range is designed to the highest of standards utilising advanced battery technologies to provide high-end energy solutions, fully complying with the essential criteria of high quality, high performance, portability, being competitively priced and easy to use ‘plug-and-play’.

Sustainable living

Our Portable ePower Stations have the advantage of using renewable energy for charging. They are economical, lightweight, small, easy to carry but high in capacity. They work without noise and contribute to sustainable living. There is no more need for a fossil fuel powered generators.


The EQONIC Portable ePower Station range has many uses which includes; portable testing equipment, power tools, telecoms equipment, media equipment, sports, electric bikes, camping, caravanning, outdoor living, construction equipment, back-up power and medical equipment, plus away from the grid in rural areas. The ePower Stations can run (or charge up) a laptop, smartphone, TV, drone, portable lighting, fridge/freezer, electric power tools, electric heater/cooler, portable air conditioner, electric fan and more.


  • Fully automatic dynamic charge
  • Discharge management platform
  • Multi-function display
  • Compact size, large capacity
  • Lightweight
  • Low maintenance
  • Built-in high capacity, long life, high-efficiency lithium-ion battery
  • Short circuit-, overload- and temperature-protection functions
  • Over-charge and over-discharge protection
  • Can be charged by the mains, solar power and from a car
  • Low battery warning
  • Bluetooth/Wifi monitoring options
  • Power monitoring
  • Portable Solar Panel (briefcase model) also available