Renewable energy generation from EQONIC for residential properties, provide a smart step towards energy independence through high-tech batteries which store power for when you need it.

Renewable energy generation

EQONIC can help you lower your electricity bills by providing advanced energy generation options which include turbines and solar power for your home or business. We supply a wide range of products including high spec solar panels, latest lightweight solar panels, integrated solar panels, solar roof tiles as well as a variety of turbines. They are installed by our affiliated company, which also provides maintenance and monitoring services

Solar panels
We supply a wide range of advanced solar panels and high spec ultra-lightweight solar panels to suit client specific requirements.

Integrated panels
Integrated, or in-roof, panels are installed flush with the tiles so they are part of the roof as well as being a generator of electricity.

Solar roof tiles
Solar roof tiles are designed to look like and act as standard roof tiles, but also convert the sun’s energy into power for your home.

A turbine generator is a power converter designed to transform mechanical power from motion to electric power. We supply a wide range of mini and micro turbines, these can be designed to meet client specific requirements.

Whichever type you choose, you will be saving money, have back-up power and gain energy independence

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