EQONIC Energy Storage Systems (ESS) for commercial properties offer advanced green energy options which are as relevant today as they will be in the future. EQONIC Energy Storage Systems let you store electricity from renewable sources for use when you really need it.


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Our products:

  • Improve energy reliability and
  • Help make green renewable power part of your business strategy
  • Meet regulatory compliance and ESG targets
  • Reduce your company’s energy bills
  • Give you independence from rising electricity prices
  • Enable you to invest the money saved into growing your business

Smooth distribution

Our lithium-ion battery-based ESS use the latest technology to manage the variability of green energy by ensuring electrical distribution in a smooth, safe, reliable and simple way. Smart inverters handle power conversion from renewable sources of generation through to meeting your energy consumption requirements.

Maximum savings

The maintenance free EQONIC battery and thermal management systems are designed to ensure the highest power output, maximum energy savings and low total cost of ownership.

Intelligent monitoring

ESS from EQONIC uses machine learning to continuously optimise the system to deliver maximum efficiency. The intelligent monitoring system provides confidence to identify and resolve any performance issues without delay. With real-time checking of the battery pack’s state of health, capacity, voltage, environment temperature and charge/discharge current, as well as recording import, export, generation, consumption and distribution of energy. The system includes protections against over-temperature, over-charge, under-voltage, over-current and short circuit. In addition, the intelligent monitoring system combines weather, utility rate and historical solar production and energy consumption data to continually drive efficiency and improve performance to meet your specifically tailored goals. There is also remote-control access for charging/discharging, over-load and thermal run away.