Energy Storage Systems (ESS) from EQONIC for residential properties, provide a smart step towards energy independence through high-tech batteries which store power for when you need it.


The future today
We combine robust inverters with the latest lithium-ion battery technology to provide enough energy to run your home without any interruption in power supply. Our system includes; the Eqonic Battery, Inverter and Controller, Renewable Energy Generation (Solar Panels, Solar Tiles, Turbines etc.) and Heat Pumps from leading manufacturers. Fully installed by a fully qualified team.

ESG and Future Homes Standard
EQONIC product range for residential properties enables our clients to comply with the Future Homes Standards Regulations due to become effective in 2025 and to meet their ESG targets.
With EQONIC Energy Storage Systems there is no need for a gas boiler.

Meticulous design
The system incorporates leading inverter technology which diverts renewable energy into the house to provide electricity. Any surplus power is stored in the battery or fed back into the grid. During night-time, bad weather or when electricity demand is greater than the renewable energy available, power will come from the battery before being drawn from the grid.

Our Eqonic Residential Energy Storage System is based on extremely safe, high-grade lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cells providing fast-charging, high-energy density and longer-lasting, market-leading products

Intelligent monitoring
The EQONIC range includes an intelligent monitoring system to provide our clients with the confidence that any performance issues are identified and resolved without delay. The ESS provides real-time checking on the battery pack’s state of health, capacity, voltage, environment temperature and charge/discharge current, as well as recording import, export, generation, consumption and distribution of energy. The system includes protections against over-temperature, over-charge, under-voltage, over-current and short circuit.

The ESS advantage
Our ESS is designed to remove the need for gas boilers and reduce your electricity bill, generate green energy, store power, provide you with back-up electricity, work off-grid and on-grid, give you energy independence and contribute to a sustainable living lifestyle.

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